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    Hazard lights going overtime randomly!

    As I wrote my reply I thought: Actually it probably was the scuttle tray which I hadn't checked... I'd just noticed the seal between the door and the rear window had split all the way down. It's also just happened on my current 197, those seals don't last long.
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    Hazard lights going overtime randomly!

    I had the same problem in my old 197. Seals on my windows had gone, so I think water may have been coming in from there. But same result, water under passenger seat caused hazards to turn on by themselves.
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    How fast or slow are these things?

    Does look a bit slow in the straights to be fair. Would help to see on-board footage. Did you get any lap times?
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    rupe30's Clio 197

    lol yeah dropped you a few laps back didnt I ;)
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    Hybrid Megane trophy

    lovely car Big Boy, very fast yes.
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    rupe30's Clio 197

    haha I'm pretty sure nothing fell off... By all accounts they're exactly the same. I find them a little soft for the track, but if you're using it on the road it's probably a good balance. I went out in @R27WTF's car which is on AST's and solid as a rock, made mine feel like a boat :(
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    rupe30's Clio 197

    Great day at Donington park with the crew. Gotta say i enjoyed Opentracks hosting, in particular their leniency with the track limits flag, much appreciated! Started with a curry the night before with the chaps and a waiter who called everyone BIG BOY! Great start to the trip. Quick brake pad...
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    *** VOTE*** POTM July 2018

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    rupe30's Clio 197

    Thanks man, hopefully see you at Anglesey in August :thumb:
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    rupe30's Clio 197

    Bit of footage from Donington Park on Monday Eve. There were a few 197's there, nice liquid yellow one, racing blue and a couple of caged ones which looks pretty serious. Great track, perfect for the clio, by far my favourite track.
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    If anyone on here....

    Ha! Noise cancelling headphones, cuts out the drone of the exhaust. Only use on long motorway journeys.. Next question?
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    Sprint Booster V3 - First impressions

    I think mine's great for the road, i see it essentially as a sport button, the increase in throttle response makes the car feel alert and faster. For the road it's an absolute no-brainer. On track however i'm 50/50. At Snetterton the other week I found it's very difficult to feather the...
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    Micah's Glacier White 220 Trophy

    Had a few twitches at Blanchimont 2 because I had to lift. Glad i brought spare pants. Christ, I was 115 through blanchimont but entry to pouhon was max 60, just no grip through there for me
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    Micah's Glacier White 220 Trophy

    Blanchimont flat in 5th and hold onto your nuts! (Don't suppose you were recording when i was infront were you?) I'm so excited for a dry track day.. I reckon you're gonna see a good improvement with your springs. Tyres will probably hold you back though, 20 minute stints then cool down...
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    **VOTE** POTM April 2018