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    One dipped beam not working

    Sorry let me explain better. Passenger xenon dipped isn’t working So far I have: Swapped the bulb for a new Swapped the ballast and ignitor Plugged the dead headlight into the right hand loom and it works so isn’t the headlight unit. I’ve swapped the fuse and relays Removed and opened the...
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    One dipped beam not working

    come to get the car ready for its mot and I’ve only got one dipped xenon. I’ve checked the fuses and relays (in the main fuse box and the extras in front of the battery but I can’t get power to the xenon connector on the left side. Any ideas guys? Thanks Oliver
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    Can 200 Cup Suspension be retrofitted into 197 Cup

    You can, I have the 200 extreme cup dampers on my R27 just using 197 top mounts. The dampers are externally identical
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    Subframe Drop

    Yep 2 bolts. They're the 2 nuts with retainers underneath. You can lower the subframe enough to get them undone. Then leave it up out the way
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    200 Cup Rack onto 197?

    Don't worry, it's not the first time I've had these apart.
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    200 Cup Rack onto 197?

    Just ordered a 200 rack for mine. I may do a walk through
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    Dim xenons

    I've got a spare build. Will chuck it in and see if it makes a difference. Will then replace them both.
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    Dim xenons

    I had the Clio out a few months ago and noticed the lights were dim, I stopped and checked them incase a bulb had gone. But both were on but very dim. Is there something simple that can cause both lights to go dim? Oliver
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    Suspension refresh

    I bought top mounts, arb links and stab links from firstline. The links were around £9 each and the top mounts £30
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    Low entry jacks

    I've got an sgs jack. Never had an issue except the rubber pad falling off.
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    Rear Calipers & Brake kit

    I paid £60 a side for refurbished calipers last year. Really well finished in red. Cables were about £30 a pair il have to dig out where from
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    ITG Cleaning kit

    I've used a light degreaser and hot water in a bucket. The water warms the oil and the degreaser helps remove it. Get as much oil off and flush with warm fresh water. Pat dry, leave in the sun. Oil This is how I've done my own and used to do hundreds for the Honda btcc cars. As for oil, thin...
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    Changing a Door - MK3 200

    Start by putting the window down. Will make it easier to move. Find something large to lay the door down to protect it. Twist to discount the door loom from the chassis side Undo the nuts. Refiting in reverse, but loosen all the hinge fixings both sides, tighten enough so you can move the...
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    Changing a Door - MK3 200

    Simply undo the wiring harness, undo the hinges and lift off. The coding is done in the ecu.
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    Front suspension removal

    If you're really stuck you can carefully pry the little tab open on the damper. It's like a hook that locks over that bolt. then try and open the pinch enough to wiggle the whole damper out.