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    New 197 Owner

    Welcome :french:
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    Genuine Replacement keyless keys

    I’m sure you can Best place to start would be local franchised dealer service / parts department Also found the following: Though unsure how you’d code
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    Stereo Installation

    I believe so Though cannot remember exactly how Must have been pretty straightforward as doesn’t stick out in memory as a problem - reckon it will have been text book / the way you would change it normally I vaguely recollect having to refer to the manual when using the finger tip controls...
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    Albi Blue RS 200 Intro

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    Stereo Installation

    Yes the steering controls adaptor can be tricky. As i favour stock look, initially intended to reinstate the unusual totally Renault Cabasse Auditorium stereo and amp set up (previous owner kindly sent me original head unit and amp and i sourced wiring loom separately on eBay) However once i...
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    Stereo Installation

    Brilliant. That sounds great. Thank you
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    New to the forum just got a Black 197

    Welcome. Looks great. Though I'm biased!
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    197 from QLD - Australia

    Welcome. Always loved Nimbus. Think it's the best colour to show up the shape of the car as it happens.
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    Stereo Installation

    Great write up and cracking job. Thank you. Having tried replacing rear speakers in the past along with better sound proofing and where the vibration that i believe may be inherent didn't noticeably improve, i gave up. The front speakers didn't really bother me too much, like I say it was...
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    New Member

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    Alloy wheel opinions for 197

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    Alloy wheel opinions for 197

    Gold are good Especially with the blue Reminiscent of the Williams
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    Alloy wheel opinions for 197

    Nice Dice
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    Alloy wheel opinions for 197

    Couldn’t agree more!
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    Hi everyone