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    Beanys RB 200 cup

    Only just looked through all of your recent photos properly Beany and I've got to say you've done a fantastic job! She's a real track weapon now and looks absolutely perfect IMO. Been saying it for a few years now but I'll have to get out on track one day and see what all the fuss is about...
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    Rs 200 Turbo making 171bhp!

    The issue with the original map running under stock power is the words 'Carlton Tuning' I've seen endless people having the same issues with them (on various cars) and tbh I can't believe they're still doing what they are and people are buying in to their generic £150 flash remaps (no offense)...
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    Megane trophy PCP

    Got to be a glitch on the online banking system - Got me excited for a minute, thought I'd be adding a trophy to the garage :grinning: Run a quote through my bank and this is what comes out as:
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    Matt's Flame Red Megane 275 - Project OEM+

    Thanks for this mate, plan on having them off again to strip and clean the calipers when the weather picks up so I'll do this then and hopefully prevent it from happening again.
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    Matt's Flame Red Megane 275 - Project OEM+

    Small update: Got my local garage who’s always been good to me to fit the Pilot Sport 4 to my Tibors along with new TPMS valves. Had these done a couple of weeks and have been itching to get them on. Finally found some spare time and decent weather on Saturday morning last weekend so decided...
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    Hi and welcome to the forum! Fantastic looking car, AG really is a special colour!
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    Bomster's GW Clio 200

    Finally got around to giving this thread a read - Car looks brilliant and top job on the service, love the service report (over and above details like that are what I love to see when purchasing a car so will be great to have for if you ever came to sell) Glad to hear you got sorted with the...
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    Matt's Flame Red Megane 275 - Project OEM+

    Thanks!! Congrats on the new purchase, brilliant choice and certainly has ALL the right options and mods - Flame Red really is brilliant, especially with you already having had a Liquid Yellow car. Your 200 was going to take some beating - I even considered buying it myself when it was for...
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    Matt's Flame Red Megane 275 - Project OEM+

    They definitely do look great, they break the black up a bit and go really well with flame red. Got mine from RPD £46 for the set (£11.50 each) Considering the price of the other RS ones...
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    Recaros help!

    I've seen lots of good repairs from Capital Seating in Leicester and the prices they quote are really good in comparison to most - however they couldn't get hold of that fabric last time I enquired and said they would have to match as best as possible. Think the fabric on these was only used...
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    TPI wheel bolts

    Hi Noddie If I’m not mistaken the correct size you need is M14 x 1.5 28mm Tapered The seller you’ve linked is the distributor for Tpi - Send them a message and they should be able to get you them in the right size. I did message them about some once and they were very helpful. Checked some...
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    Matt's Flame Red Megane 275 - Project OEM+

    Well after nearly 6 years and 35,000+ miles of ownership the Clio has now gone to a new home - Had changed my mind and was going to keep it however the right buyer came along and a price was agreed just as the listing was ending on eBay and to be honest I needed the space. Really was sad to see...
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    Matt's Flame Red Megane 275 - Project OEM+

    Thanks! Definitely will mate, don’t think I’d have half the Renault Sport knowledge I do without this forum! Thanks! Getting on track is something I’ve always thought about doing, but never got around to/had the confidence to do. You never know though, I’ve been following your cars updates...
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    Matt's Flame Red Megane 275 - Project OEM+

    First post in a long time but thought it would be good to put an update up. The R27 has been fantastic after all the work was carried out, really enjoyed the car over the Summer! It has been faultless (apart from a stuck locking wheel nut) and has continued to put a smile on my face as always...
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    TPI Black Wheel Bolts and Locking Nut Size - Help

    Hi Guys Just had my tyre's changed and they couldn't remove one of the locking wheel nuts - Going for that taking off this evening but will need to replace them now. Have seen quite a bit of conflicting suggestions on here in regards to size needed. Can someone please confirm what size I need...