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    PureMotorsport Cup Racer EE Bracket Kit

    Joel Arguelles His quote from the post From first hand experience I would say the front end does make a difference in the dynamics and handling of the car. You have more front end grip and you can carry a few more mph through the corners with the roll center having been corrected as well as...
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    PureMotorsport Cup Racer EE Bracket Kit

    Been a few replies on the facebook post over the weekend, with one person in particular saying it makes a MASSIVE difference to front end grip and cornering speed, although yet to back that up with any actual time recordings. This is next on my to-do list, but with a new garage build imminent...
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    06 nimbus 197 daily track toy

    What bargain have I missed out on now!!!
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    Yas Marina Track Day

    :thumb: Good effort. He didn't exactly catch you in the corners, but the straight line closing speed was amazing, and shot off like a scolded cat!!!!
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    Track car on a budget!

    +1 :thumb:
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    06 nimbus 197 daily track toy

    You got to the facebook £55 subframe bushes before me :rage: lol
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    New owner alert, 200 supercharged

    I emailed the guy selling it on eBay to see if he was interested in selling the spare charger and alloys. If you are interested PM me ;-) Nice looking car - welcome :thumb:
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    K20 my Clio

    Similar. I ran an EP3 as a daily back in 2007 when it was only just over a year old. Brilliant fun for the 6 months I owned it, but it would just wash out with understeer everywhere, especially when the vtec kicked in. Was a hoot on the road, but would be less welcome on track. When I was...
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    What tyres for X85?

    Now that is reason alone to go for them :thumb:
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    What tyres for X85?

    Yes that's fair enough. Not sure how robust they are for road use. Would the 7.5" road alloys be about same weight? Would the road alloys with 215's be a better and cheaper option? On the subject of tyres, I ordered the wife 4 Michelin PS4's for her M140i in the Kwik-Fit black Friday sale - all...
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    What tyres for X85?

    Fair enough, I just don't see the point of having a wider alloy and not utilising a wider tyre. You're accepting the penalty of extra weight (appreciate cup racer alloys have a mixture of magnesium etc but probably still heavy suckers) whilst not utilising the benefit of fitting a wider tyre.
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    What tyres for X85?

    Surely 215 would be far too narrow for an 8" alloy?? I would suspect a 225 or 235 would be better suited?? Perhaps do some research and see what size the cup racers use seeing as it's a cup racer rim and not a road rim.
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    Powerflex Bushes

    I've run the powerflex black for a couple of years now on pure track car and they've been spot on. Will be upgrading to solid bearings next year front and rear.
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    K tec Coilovers

    If you are serious about these coilovers then might be worth seeing if K-Tec have them in the black friday sale - apply code BLKFRIDAY