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    lightweight pulley ?

    raptor you are rene ? i have add you already on fb
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    lightweight pulley ?

    perfect guys .......does rene has a link for buying ?
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    lightweight pulley ?

    hi mates does anybody with lightweight pulley has any problems with it ? i had install 2 times in previus cars with no problems but as i have learn in japanese cars the crankshaft is balanced without pulley so a balanced pulley is no problem ...what about the renault engine ? also if the...
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    Yiannis' Albi Blue R27 - Toning down...

    yanni can you please give me some infos about the brakes ? please send pm where can i find them i live in athens :)
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    2012 clio 3RS RB7 #166

    mate why you uninstall the light weight pulley ? any sort of problems ? i asking because i want to put lightweight flywheel and puley these days ..thank you
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    steering wheel boss kit compatibility ?

    hi i have a nardi alcantara steering wheel and can not find what boss kit need for the rs 203 (2010) . Are all rs 2006-2012 have the same boss kit ? i found onlt the momo for the 08-12 but it doesnt fit the nardi patern..i also find simonini and luisi bosses but writes that is 06-08 only rs...
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    Mike's Clio 200 track day car

    i have found that some brands give 2 codes for 08 to 11 and 06 to 08
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    white 203 fine tuning

    the steering wheel boss is tha same on pre 09 and facelift ? i see some brands say clio rs 06 to 08 and 08 to 11
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    white 203 fine tuning

    thank you mate i am sure he told that is the full exhaust but as he install the headers also he wanted a cat and with the cat he installed a small resonator .. i have to take a pic :) without cat the car didnt flash the light in dash ? also i want to change steering wheel if i put a...
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    white 203 fine tuning

    hi i have bought a white 2010 rs with panorama ...tha car has kw variant 3 and acrapovic plus header ..the previus owner had cut the acra and put a free flow cat and a small resonator and reprogram it ... i trye to make the car as new i have detail the exterior and interior- put a pipercross...