white 203 fine tuning

hi i have bought a white 2010 rs with panorama ...tha car has kw variant 3 and acrapovic plus header ..the previus owner had cut the acra and put a free flow cat and a small resonator and reprogram it ... i trye to make the car as new i have detail the exterior and interior-
put a pipercross panel filter and wondering if there are any gains on make the exhaust as it was (cut the free flow cat and resonator and put a decat in place ) ...does it need reprogram again ? is it worth the effort or there are minimal gains ? thank you
The full Akra Evolution comes with a resonator middle section. So, I assume you just have the Slip-On installed?

Gains will be neglectable and you maybe need it mapped to cure the flat-spot again. IMO not worth it.
thank you mate i am sure he told that is the full exhaust but as he install the headers also he wanted a cat and with the cat he installed a small resonator .. i have to take a pic :smile:
without cat the car didnt flash the light in dash ? also i want to change steering wheel if i put a resistor for the airbag the other airbags exept driver will be ok and working ?
tha car is amazing as i coming from faster car(leon cupra r 2010) the feeling of the car is superior ...probably better even my mid engine mr2 zzw30 ..
the steering wheel boss is tha same on pre 09 and facelift ? i see some brands say clio rs 06 to 08 and 08 to 11