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    GW Clio 200, Leamington

    Yeah, they are called renault specialised services, google them they have plenty of info on their website. Guy who owns it is called Gordon, good bloke! Nice to briefly meet you on Sunday too...just handing over the keyring!
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    National Meet 2011 Picture Thread

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to come on the forum and say thanks for coming along yesterday and making the effort to put your hands in your pockets and help raise the £850+ for charity!! Also wanted to mention I had an email this morning saying the following: Hi Chris I am the photographer...
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    GW Clio 200, Leamington

    When I was looking to buy last year and I went in they didn't seem too interested in the sale but the garage in Chester did...hence they got my business. Sutton Park's service department is appaling (from experience), and the price even worse, which I why I have my servicing done in Nuneaton at...
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    GW Clio 200, Leamington

    Yeah seems to be really dusty round here at the moment! Mines like that too. The 11 reg is a private plate. Mine's a 10 plate, picked it up last March, and not from Sutton Park, wouldn't touch them with a barge pole!! Got a great deal from Lookers Chester so drove up there. Much better...
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    GW Clio 200, Leamington

    Followed you past Tenpin Bowling and Sainsburys about 6pm ish. Reg: B*60 USB Looked very clean Pistonheads, & cliosport stickers in the window's
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    June POTM "COMP"

    Not been on for a while but always loved photo of the month, there are always great photos, anyway here is my 200 whilst i was away in Scotland, hopefully enough green to qualify!!
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    I got this too, just looked extremely suspicious so deleted it before opening.
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    Whats your favourite shots of your car??

    A few of the old R27 Getting abit of use!! And now the Trophy
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    Clio Trophy in the black Mountains

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    New stereo and brodit

    Hope your enjoying the stereo mate...
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    Clio Trophy in the black Mountains

    No chance mate, i loved my R27!
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    Clio Trophy in the black Mountains

    Cheers matey!!
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    Clio Trophy in the black Mountains

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    Clio Trophy in the black Mountains

    Hope you don't mind me still posting pics post R27.... but finally got round to doing South Wales today as i've already done the North & Mid Wales a few Times.... Headed towards Llandovery then headed South down the A4069 'Black Mountain Road' then back through the Breacon Beacons on the...
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    1st Annual Clio Trophy Meet and something Green!

    There were 25 Trophy's....It looked amazing!