Tyre choice for 197, road + a few track days

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  1. Roninbb


    Clio 197 ff
    Hi guys, I've been reading alot of useful posts on tyre choices etc. I'm hoping if I give you some specifics for me personally, you guys can guide my choice.

    So, they car will cover less than 3000 miles a year total, it's a 2nd car for me. Unless a few European road trips happen in the same year, but generally speaking 3k.

    Will only really be used in the dry, I never drive anything other than sensibly in the wet if it does get taken out.

    I'm looking at either ps4's or ad08r, they are not that far apart price wise on camskill. If anyone can offer first hand experience of either, it would be very much appreciated.

  2. Johnny 99

    Johnny 99 Platinum Member

    Clio Renaultsport 200
    Both good choices for that kind of use. I use my car in a similar way to you & am on PS4. Totally happy with them, however I think you'll find that the general consensus will be AD08r.
  3. Deer_Dodger

    Deer_Dodger Paid Member

    I run AD08R all year round on my 197, before that I ran them on my Minis. They cope very well even in winter, they only really struggle on snow when their tread fills and they become slicks with absolutely zero grip. I know that happens to most tyres, but where my AD08Rs give up, my wife’s Mini on Continental Sport Contact 5s carry on.

    Here’s my thoughts on the AD08Rs fitted to my Mini after changing from Parada Spec IIs.

    Sidewall Stiffness

    Definitely stiffer than the Spec 2s. I now have more feel on turn in with less wallow as I enter a corner.

    Lateral Grip

    I never had an issue with lateral grip with the Spec 2s in wet or dry conditions on the road and the 08 give the same levels of grip in the wet at least. Possibly more, but haven't really pushed yet just in case release agent not fully worn off.

    Acceleration / Braking

    I used to get wheel spin even in 4th with the Spec 2s in the rain. First impressions with the 08 is that they give far more grip when accelerating. This is possibly due to the softer compound of the 08?

    Braking wise I never had an issue with the Spec 2s and so far the 08s seem on par, in the wet at least.

    Road noise / ride

    The Spec 2s were always noisy and the 08s are similar. However the 08s feel harsher than the Spec 2s, possibly down to the stiffer side wall. I'll take this harsher ride for the better turn in / feel it provides.


    Never had an issue with the Spec 2s in this respect, but I don't do much motorway mileage. The 08s went through a decent amount of standing water today and again, no issues. I doubt however either would be that great compared to a wet weather designed tyre.


    My Spec 2s have lasted over 20k miles on the R53. Way too early to say about the 08s, but with treadwear ratings of 300 and 180 respectively, I doubt the 08s will last nearly as long. However, at only £230 for a set of 4 195/50/15 tyres, I'll be happy if they only give me 10k miles.


    Oh how shallow I am. But I do love the tread pattern of the Spec 2s and not so much the 08s.

    Both have great looking sidewalls that curve around the rim giving some decent wheel protection and make the tyres look a little bit stretched, which they're not on 15x7 rims.


    All tyres are a compromise and I'm happy with what both have provided for my driving style. I've had many sets of Spec 2s on a number of cars and after today's first impressions, I'll not return to them. This isn't because they're a poor tyre for my needs, but I just prefer the feel of the newer 08.


    After some very wet and cold weather, I am pleased to say that the AD08Rs have performed fantastically. I know they're not winter tyres, but they haven't disgraced themselves once.

    I didn't measure the tread depth when I fitted them, but they are advertised as having between 7-8mm new. I've still got 7mm all round, so if I change them at 2mm, I should get around 12000 miles a set. If however they came with 7mm new, that means they should last forever. I think mine probably came with nearer 8mm new.

    The firmness in ride I felt when they were new has either gone away, or I'm just used to the harsher ride than my previous Parada Spec 2s.

    They are also still quieter than my Spec 2s which always sounded as though my wheel bearings were on their way out.

    Whilst I'm very careful when parking (not one kerbing in over 3 years I've had the car), the rim protectors of the AD08Rs are quite substantial and offer great protection from possible expensive kerb / wheel interfacing.
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  4. Deer_Dodger

    Deer_Dodger Paid Member

    Here's a photo of me driving across the Baelach Na Ba (North Coast 500 route) a couple of days ago in the Clio. It never slid or got stuck once.

    There clearly are far better all year round tyres available, but just to highlight that AD08Rs can do it.

    However, when it's not snowing, the AD08Rs are amazing wet or dry, even in the winter. I drove over 500 miles last week along some challenging roads on the way to Applecross and never felt as though the car was going to bite once, and I don't think I saw one but if dry tarmac all week.

    If you can afford and have the space for two sets, great. If not, the AD08R can give you both.

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  5. Roninbb


    Clio 197 ff
    Thank you for taking the time to post guys, very much appreciated. Re-affirms other posts I'd read through over the last few days.
  6. NickD

    NickD Gold Member

    The AD08R has very much become the darling of Internet reviews to the point people are genuinely asking for comparisons between that and true track tyres thinking they area the same sort of tyre. The PS4 is a high performance road tyre designed for going on fast cars so drivers do not kill themselves on the road. By that I mean the very vast majority of Porsche, Ferrari's, M car, Focus RS and just about every other performance oriented car will never see a track in its life. The ADAD0 is aimed at a more driving orientated market and while perfectly fine on the road, if you respect the conditions, will the a better tyre for track days. The Michelin will suffer sooner on track so it will bepend on how you drive. The Yoko is however very much in the basket with Federal RS-R although it is highly likely that they will develop a split across them, and the Nankang NS-2R which tend to bebmore snappy and the noisiest. The pick of the bunch over all these is the Gredge 07RS which will give you fantastic dry performance while being totally road safe to boot.
  7. peter

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    b e l g i u m
    RB7 #166
    you have these on your car? and if so, softs or mediums?
  8. Gus

    Gus Platinum Member

    Clio 200, 182 Turbo
    Ive been running Michelin Cup2 tyres and find them fantastic. Bit pricey but the grip is astonishing even in winter or rain.

    People say they are just summer and track type tyres but I use them all year round and cant fault them. They dont wear quickly either which I thought they would.
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  9. NickD

    NickD Gold Member

    Softs. I put them on the MSA tyre list for this year.
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  10. peter

    peter POTM Winner - February 2017 Gold Member

    b e l g i u m
    RB7 #166
    do you have firsthand experience how they compare to the AD08R? i see the softs have treadwear 140, the yokohama 180. so i guess the zestino is stickier but less durable?
  11. NickD

    NickD Gold Member

    Tread wear ratings are an American road driving standard tested by convoy driving against a control tyre. It is about long life road tyres. It has become bastardised into a measure of grip by the internet which at best you can only determine a very tenuous link. So many things are involved in life, grip, performance, construction, feel and everything else it is more than possible and frequently true that tyres with higher numbers can produce faster lap times than lower numbers and equally lower numbers will last longer than higher numbers because the test makes no account of temperature or driving style and even if the tyres have been conditioned before hand.
    You will find the Zestino has pretty good ultimate grip, is progressive and does not shock the driver, although attempting to run them in on a damp road will definitely shock the driver! Wear is going to happen on any tyre and the more you exploit the upper envelope the quicker than tends to happen. What I don't know as yet is what is their useful life expectancy in a competition environment.

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