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  1. For some reason whoever owned my car before me removed the silver plaque telling me what number my r27 is. anyone know how i can find the number out and possible get a replacement?

  2. jase

    jase Founder Platinum Member

    Renault dealers should be able to tell you if you give them the Reg and chassis number.
    Are the holes there from the rivets that held it in place.?
  3. hmmm seems very strange are the holes still theres where the plaque used to be?

    really cant see the reason to remove it! i suppose Renault would have the info some where try asking jeremy over on Ruk he might be able to help
  4. Could be replica and someone selling it as a R27, I would check with renault.

    Firlst thing would be to check for holes where the plaque should be.
  5. sounds dodgy this there is no reason to remove it other than trying to hide something or as said it could be a replica.
    what number is it maybe someone recognises it ?
  6. c197mark

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    tbh it does sound as they have sold it to you as a r27 but its prob a ff 197
  7. looking at ur pic, u dnt hav any stickers, are u sure its a r27 and not a 197 with cup pack
  8. ryan197

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    has it got the recaros?
  9. that sounds about right tbh mate, :blush:hmy:

    until Chris comes back to us.
  10. Any update on this?... I smell about 5 rats.

    I hope what everyone (including myself) is thinking isnt the truth for this guy? Being conned I mean...

    EDIT:- Did the Recaro's come as standard on the R27? I can't remember. If they did, and you don't have them, then.... erm (kick off?)
  11. yup standard
  12. To Make a replica R27 is very simple all it required was a ff 197 with recaros, cup pack and maybe climate control and its virtually same spec. Could be one of these but also could have been sold to the previous owner as an R27 so maybe not his fault.
  13. ye the plaque is really the only defining thing that sets it apart
  14. u guys probably no more than me, were abouts should the holes be? i got it from a renault dealer, it has recaro's, red brembos and anthracite wheels and a sticker on the rear window saying f1 champions 2007 or maybe 2006. Il fone renault and see if i can find out
  15. i also have cruise control if that helps....can sum1 please tell me were the holes should be...because now I am very paranoid!
  16. simon


    Leon Cupra 280
    Between handbrake and gearlever, mate
  17. c197mark

    c197mark Renault Parts Advisor Platinum Member

    ive got the f1 decal on the rear window but u can buy them from a renault dealer mate im not saying urs aint a r27 but it dont look good
  18. motherf**kers!!! its not there! ahh well i still love it but it doesnt feel quite as good now
  19. c197mark

    c197mark Renault Parts Advisor Platinum Member

    i think im right in saying that the plate should be on the centre console
  20. i just searched every bit of plastic in my car and cant find any holes :@ and y wud they remove the plate anyway?? not happy :@

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