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Discussion in 'Latest Technology' started by montana, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. montana


    North West, UK
    Deep Black 197
    I have a large collection of CDs, havent bought one for a while and it seems everything is geared up towards streaming services etc like Google Play Music.

    Anyone have any experience of these services (or any others) ? I still prefer the thought of having a physical product in my hand, considering my options though.

  2. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    I use spotify and I like it, but it's a service, you never own the music, just pay £13 a month and you can download it onto your phone (on there app) so you can play it offline. I'm very satisfied with it.
  3. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    My dad and also my brother have Spotify and they really rate it. The monthly costs are quite reasonable considering you get access to such a lot of music.

    I haven't got it myself due to not having a phone with enough storage or data allowance :blink: so for now I'm sticking with CDs or my iPod. But I would consider it in the future...seems the way forward.
  4. Drummond21


    Storm Grey 200
    I use Spotify and its fantastic - worth the monthly fee in my opinion.

    Only the odd album which isn't available - i have a Sonos, which is on far more than the TV these days.

    Having said that ive been looking to go back to Vinyl for some time - still got thousands of house/techno stored safely away in the mother loft.
  5. montana


    North West, UK
    Deep Black 197
    Thanks all , will check out spotify
  6. Chrisgti6

    Chrisgti6 East Midlands Rep.

    I have Spotify, it came free with my Vodafone contract! It's great.

    It has a free trial, so give it a try. You also have Deezer, Apple Music etc so pick whichever you get on with best.
  7. Gilmos1


    Near Bristol
    Clio 200T EDC
    Apple Music is great, especially as it's free for the first three months. If you use Apple/iTunes then it is a natural progression. Stream over WiFi, no need to download much, unless you have the space. The 'For You' feature is brilliant, suggest things based on what you're interested in, what you listen to.

    Spotify is great too. Was the DJ at my daughters school on Friday night. Just used a Spotify playlist utilising the cross fade between tracks, works a treat.

    Recently had a free month on Tidal. Best quality by far, Hi Resolution tracks sound very good if you have decent HiFi. Very expensive though, was £19.99 a month, now £24.99 for Hi Res!

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