Matt's track/nurburgring RS250 Clio f1

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    My problems with javelin came from when I lost a wheel on my megane at brandhatch, wasn't even a javelin day but I was approached by 4 seperate people 3 of which I didn't know saying that javelin where using me as an example in briefings as "poor driving, maintenance and attitude" the attitude was because I didn't cry about it and had a picture next to my car. The maintenance was because I apparently never checked my wheel bolts which wasnt true (bimec studs failed and bimec tensile testing refusing to test them confirmed this along with 5 people in Europe with same issue) and the driving was because I apparently was chasing times but hey 55s at brands means I must be shocking (my phone is always thrown in glove box or arm rest out of sight)

    I contacted them and they denied all of it and offered me some vouchers which I told them to keep and since then not done a day with them.

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    Pity mate because you’re one of the clientele they should be aiming for...
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