Gave the 200 a 4 hour treatment today

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by Conan, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Conan


    Clio 200 cup
    So as you guessed lovely weather = car clean time... now the 200 hadent been washed for 3 weeks prior and done about 300 miles the pictures show the build up...

    And also following the after shots

    Enjoy :smile: 20170826_141309.jpg 20170826_140614.jpg 20170826_140740.jpg 20170826_121020.jpg 20170826_121003.jpg
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  2. Cossers


    Vxr astra (j) and an r27
    First I thought it was black, then I guessed albi and finally Sussed racing!
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  3. Conan


    Clio 200 cup
    Haha yup rb
  4. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    looks good..they deserve a bit of tlc :thumb:
  5. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    Great results, lovely looking car! Always so satisfying to give them a through clean when they've been mucky for a couple of weeks (this final point will be an alien concept to people such as @sevenfourate and @Antti O :wink: )
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  6. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Stunning effort!
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  7. LOCKE

    LOCKE Paid Member

    RB 182 Cup/LY 197 R27
    Great work mate.
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