Arctic 182 progress...

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  1. Jimmy

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    The bumper looks good in the photos, glad you are happy with it :smile:

    Good location for the photos as well.

  2. MrTom


    arctic clio 182
    Thanks jimmy, I have noticed one slight imperfection but I can live with it :smile:
  3. MrTom


    arctic clio 182

    This happened mid September..


    The camseal somehow popped out causing oil starvation and because the bill was coming in at over £1300 including a 2nd had gearbox, i told Andy to leave it until after xmas to start it as with xmas coming up etc i needed any savings for this and Andy needed the money for parts so i told him there was no immediate rush.

    So i payed Andy for the parts on the 31st Dec to get cracking on with the rebuild, also sent up a bottom ball joint for the nearside as this was the only advisory on the mot sheet, i also told him to replace the outer cv boot on the far side driveshaft as this has a tiny split in and i want the car absolutely 100% perfect when i collected it.

    So i picked my car up from clioturbo a couple of weeks a go, its had a lot of new parts fitted in the engine including new rings, rods, cranshaft etc etc and also a replacement gearbox to replace the one that crunched into 3rd gear at high rpm.

    The rev limit is at 4.5k rpm and its running low boost until i have run it in and had it mapped, i should be getting it mapped by EFI parts early next month when i have reached 500 or so running in miles.

    I gave it a clean the other day, heres a few pics of how it stands atm, i cant wait to get it mapped!









    Thanks for reading.
  4. Jimmy

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    Sorry to hear about the breakdown, but great to see that you have it back and on the road to full recovery! Great looking car!

    PS didn't know Tony Stark ran a recovery truck :smiley:
  5. peter

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    b e l g i u m
    RB7 #166
    such a great looking car. pretty rare over here.
  6. MrTom


    arctic clio 182
  7. MrTom


    arctic clio 182
    A quick updates guys, i have been for the car mapping at EFI Parts in Runcorn today who really knows his stuff, it drives bloody brilliantly now and it feels much quicker than the figures show.

    Its running 195 hp on gate pressure/low boost and 276.5hp and 263.8 lb/ft on high boost, i am only some injectors, pistons and rods away from 300hp+

  8. MrTom


    arctic clio 182
    Welcome everyone, i have decided to put the clio up for sale after over four years of ownership.

    The car is a full fat arctic blue model on a 54 plate with 81,600miles on the clock, the turbo conversion was carried out by around 15 thousand miles a go(2 years) so all the small niggles have been ironed out.

    MOT Sep 2017.

    It has four good tyres all 5mm+, 2 x goodyear eagle ultragrips, 1 x dunlop sport maxx2 and 1 x continental contact sport2.

    The oem cup pack wheels are in excellent condition with no chips or scrapes, and were only refurbished August 2016 in rover stone grey(closest match to oem).

    The paint is almost immaculate apart from a tiny bit of lacquer peel the size of a 10p coin on the rear bumper, and a paint bubble smaller than a 5p coin on the bonnet which is hardy noticeable but im just being honest.

    The interior is very clean and nice with no rips to the seats or scratches to the dash. This car is a very sorted car.

    The current spec is..

    Adaptronic standalone ECU
    Cast manifold
    Turbo heat shield
    Custom powerflow 2.5" turbo back exhaust + decat
    Clioturbo custom downpipe
    Brand new(Nov 26th) ramair open cone foam filter
    Megane 225 injectors
    Universal intercooler + boost pipes
    Ash silicone hoses in blue
    Garrett gt2560r turbocharger
    Apexi boost solenoid
    Megane 225 head gasket
    Megane 225 lower compression pistons
    chrome strut top covers (Dan@MAD)
    New coolant tank
    Engine brackets powdercoated in silver
    vibratechnics engine and gearbox mounts
    Helix 4 plate paddle clutch
    Fresh genuine oil/filter(Nov26th)
    Powerflex dogbone mount
    20mm front spacers (Dan@MAD)
    5mm rear spacers (Dan@MAD)
    Apex 40mm lowering springs
    Standard cup shocks
    Mintex grooved and drilled discs all round
    Mintex 1144 pads all round
    ATE superblue racing fluid
    LED interior light
    Gloss black hard wearing custom thumb grips
    Alloy footrest (Dan@MAD)
    OEM mats front and back
    High/low boost switch next to gear stick(215bhp low boost, 275bhp high boost)
    Cup packed renaultsport half leather seats
    Cup packed 182 (cup splitter(fabia)/spoiler)
    Renaultsport 197 boot badge
    Fresh plates/ smaller front plate to fit recess
    Silver oem calipers
    New oem upper and lower RS grilles
    Brighter bulbs all round.
    Cambelt kit, aux belt kit, new dephaser pulley were all done by in Nov 2014 when the turbo conversion was carried out.

    I have all receips for the work done, the car comes with both working keys and has full service history stamped in the service manual.

    Mileage will rise slightly as its my daily.

    This car really is immaculate and goes very well indeed, the car is based in South Elmsall near Pontefract.

    Pm me for more details.

    Built by

    Mapped by EFI Parts - 275BHP _ 270ftlb









    Thanks for reading.
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