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  1. MikeO


    Ford Focus ST3
    Not sure if it's any worse than any other make/model to be honest.

    As an example, both VAG cars I've owned (one VW and a Seat) had a list of problems as long as your arm. The Seat (bought new) required a replacement engine after only 6 weeks (cam belt went and trashed the engine pulling onto the M74) and the suspension re-built under warranty. Pretty dramatic issues those !!! So need perspective I suppose. Got to laugh if your a car owner, that's what I always say.

  2. Kazumz


    Clio RS 200 Gordini
    True that, even your million pound cars will have issues. Nothing is without.
  3. treadless


    200t EDC
    Often get a buzzing sound, like a trapped fly from somewhere in the dash behind the radio. Usually when the cars cold. Subsides once everything warms up but takes a while and is very annoying.
    Also occasionally get the hazards flashing once the boot pops. i put that down to triggering the alarm before it's had time to disengage. Good practice to press the boot lid button and wait a second before pulling up.
    Minor issues which don't detract from an otherwise enjoyable ownership.
  4. Vasterad


    Clio 200T
    did anyone notice any issue with wobbling steering wheel? The problem is not caused by wheels because I got 2 sets of OEM alloys (17" and 18") and 3 sets of tyres. :/
  5. its good to see someone else with the alarm / boot problem hazard problem
    my supplying dealer told me nobody else was getting this fault and I was imagining it
    i used to tell them it only happened when you auto opened boot and not by pushing the key fob for entry
    they kept the car for a week and said there was nothing wrong so I went to get the car and they came out to try to replicate the fault and started to unlock via the buttons on the card
    i told them the instructions I left was that it only done this on auto open
    we went and looked at computer were details where and low and behold here was my original complaint saying only does this on auto open not keycard buttons
    so some person in the dealer had spent a week trying the wrong thing
    the next week dealer phones saying what body shop do you want your car in as boot is damaged
    but that's another story
  6. yip mine at three months old
    got a new steering rack fitted
    Loose steering and wobble and funny noise has come back after a few years but it's in the dealer now and they have diagnosed knackered anti roll bar bushes
    hopefully this sorts it out
  7. Vasterad


    Clio 200T
    @Shocker, sent pm.

    Regarding to chassis / steering rack etc. I got replaced almost whole suspension except steering rack and wheel bearings however both do not have any symptoms. Stering rack is thight without any play, same situation with bearings. :/

    I did replaced driveshafts too....
  8. Try another tyre the Dunlops are rubbish
    I'm useing Pirelli p zero and car feels a lot smoother and quieter
    Dunlop have done away with the RT and are bringing out a RT2
  9. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    If anyone's say nav only takes the first part of the post code, Renault have an update for this.
  10. Vasterad


    Clio 200T
    I got Sport MAXX RT, Continental TS830P, Direzza 03G and worn Goodyear Eagle F1 Assimetric.
  11. I never turn the r link on now
    it never seems to work correctly and cause all sorts of electrical problems
  12. Sounds like you got another Friday car like mine
  13. Vasterad


    Clio 200T
    yup... wobbling steering wheel is driving me nuts... some mechanics say that it's gearbox... Renault says it's because of wheels (!) and they think all of my 8 wheels are bad. Guarantee is a piece of s... these days.
  14. Can you maybe try swapping over a set of wheels from car to car and see if the fault transfers
    but it sounds like bearing hubs to me
  15. Vasterad


    Clio 200T
    I did not try swapping wheel to another car but I gave my friend mine Eibach spacers. They're a bit loose on hub (about 0,45mm) and with these spacers I got huge vibrations on car and steering wheel while my friend DO NOT have any vibrations with them fitted on his Clio.

    Oh, and the most important thing... steering wheel not always wobble. Sometime there's no vibration, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller...
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  16. Vasterad


    Clio 200T
    Sorry for bumping this topic but that issue is driving me nuts. :tongueout:

    Did anyone notice any issue with wobbling steering wheel between 50-70mph? The problem is not caused by wheels because I got 2 sets of OEM alloys (17" and 18") and 3 sets of tyres. (Dunlop Sport MAXX RT, Continental TS830P and semi slicks Direzzas 03G). I did replace driveshafts, shocks (with B14 coils), upper mounts, suspension arms and some other things. Hubs checked with DTI guage and they are 100% fine.

    I balanced wheels on the newest balancers (probably more than x10 times I guess). Did many times road force test on Hunter too.

    Sometimes it will settle, but then the shake will come back when i ease off the throttle..
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  17. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Engine mount?

    i had a recent niggle where my passenger heated seat button sort of fell into the hole, simple fix as it clicked back in if it happens too anyone else.
  18. Vasterad


    Clio 200T
    Upper engine mount is ordered regarding to the knocking noise over speed bumps (known issue) but I don't think it will help.

    I'm afraid it's gearbox. Probably I'll be forced to buy second-hand one.
  19. ChrisF1


    Clio R.S 200 EDC
    So bit of a trivial problem compared to some, but the voice activation button on my steering wheel doesn't work...i've paired my iphone (the only compatible phone), checked the iOS is up to date etc., and i can activate voice control through the phone, but not the button on the wheel. Renault want to have the car to 'investigate', but to rule out user error or a little trick/tip that might help get it working, anyone here got any ideas?! it's got the media nav evolution system, which i believe is new for the later cars...
  20. Gilmos1


    Near Bristol
    Clio 200T EDC
    What are you actually trying to do? Have you tried voice commands without the phone connected? For the Sat Nav for example? Mine works okay, even with my Northern Irish accent!

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