Wiper Not Reaching Far Enough


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I took the wiper arms off go my Clio 200 a few weeks ago when I cleaned the scuttle drains. I have put the arms back on but now when the wipers are on the drivers side wiper arm does not reach across as far as it did. Basically the arm comes from the down position and then comes within about 7 to 8 cm of the usual reach and then goes back in to position. It means that there is a strip of the windscreen on the drivers side that is not being cleaned/wiped that was before.

When I took the arms off I did not touch the linkage.

I have tried to adjust the position of the arm on the spline to see if I can get it to reach further across but it has had a minimal effect.

When the wipers are on there is no obvious resistance stopping the wiper arm and there are no noises suggesting that the linkage is "stuck".

Has anyone got any ideas of what the problem may be or how I can fix it?

Big Ben

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The wipers start quite high up the windscreen in the park position which is nasty in my opinion. That is the only way to get them to do a pass to the edge of windscreen. I personally keep them lower in the park position and hope it don’t rain!!