Winter time

Just put a set of winter tires on the R27 as it got cold so the PS4's were far too hard and slippery, after a while contemplating whether to go for an all season tire, as we dont get much snow, just cold and wet during the winter, decided to go for the winter ones in the end, as maybe if we do get a bit of snow the 197 is quite fun when on good winter tires.

Chose the Goodyear ultragrip perfomance+ as they seem to be the best tire currently out, also have the rim protector which I missed on my previous hankook winter icept evo2,

When at about 15C they were quite soft, but now when the temperatures dropped to about 5 C they are spot on, wet grip in this cold temperature is far better than the 4 years old PS4, so yes, waiting for the snow now :smile:

Goodyear_UGPPLUS - 1.jpegGoodyear_UGPPLUS - 2.jpegGoodyear_UGPPLUS - 1.jpegGoodyear_UGPPLUS - 2.jpegGoodyear_UGPPLUS3 - 1.jpeg

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