Will it fit? Rays TE37 + Michelin Cup 2 225/45 R17


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Hi, everybody.

I want to install Rays TE37.
The configuration plan is as follows:
Rays TE37 ET40 17x7.5
Michelin Cup2 225x45

It is also possible I will install coilovers with adjustable supports, and will be able to adjust the descent-collapse.

Will it fit?
What are the pluses and minuses in this decision, I want to understand whether more result reducing weight the wheels on the track.
Will not deteriorate if the operation of the vehicle?

Thank you!


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You need to check the bolt spacing. I believe its 5x108?

I have 225s on KW Clubsports, but the car is set at min drop and I dont have any rubbing issues, but I am also running the stock Speedlines and no spacers.


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As above, et45 is the most you want to go on a 7.5x17 wheel. Et45 will stick out a little too much and increases the chance of rubbing the arches if lowering the suspension.