Where to buy Cup Dampers 197/200

Hey guys,

i was was thinking about upgrading my 197 suspension. At the moment things feel fine but the car is getting on and it looks as though it's still on original dampers. Was thinking cup ones would be a good shout with the H&R Spring?!

Only place I've found so far is renaultpartsdirect. About £57 per front for 197 cup shock but £122 each for the rears?!

the 200 rear cup shocks are only 58 each but do these fit? As far as I can see they look the same. Quite a big difference in price! (£122 vs £58)


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Many options
197 standard
197 cup
200 standard
200 cup
200 extreme cup
all the same dimensions and will fit on all cars. Only the top mount changed.
I put 200 extreme cup dampers + eibach springs on my 197 last year.