Warning for those with a Sprint Booster


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Hi all,

This is a warning for those who have installed a Sprint Booster. I did buy mine through a forum seller and am not pointing the finger at them at all - they are just a reseller.

I've had my Sprint Booster installed for a couple of years now and never had a problem with it.

I had my RS Tuner box hooked up to my car a week or so ago and had an ECM error code in memory show up - DTC 0638 (Throttle actuator). Not really knowing what it was I emailed Henk about it and he suggested it could be the Sprint Booster and I'm probably better off removing it as it could be faulty.

I thought yes, no problem, I'll take it out on the weekend. However tonight driving home I had the accelerator cut out intermittently every time I put my foot down. Quite scary really as I had no real control over my acceleration.

As soon as I got home I pulled the unit it out and went out for a quick spin to have my accelerator work perfect as normal again.

So I dont know if anyone has ever had this problem, or heard of it before. But I suggest you pay close attention to the feel of how the car accelerates, or if you have an RS Tuner look out for that error code.