**VOTE** POTM October 2018


Good cop
Just a little note on the subject of professional photos: As we've said before, any 'rules' are generally pretty relaxed - it is incredibly rare that we would say a specific photo is not allowed to be entered.

POTM is here for fun: to get people involved in taking great photos and for members to look at them, admire them and choose their favourites. Please don't be put off entering any photo, we welcome all efforts.

I actually quite like having the voting done in the thread, as we get to see the reasoning behind people's choices. I think it could be something we do every month..... :smile:


Good cop
Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for their POTM! They have all been counted and the results are in!

There was a good spread of votes for a large number of the entries this month, however it turned into a two-horse race at the end, with the winner edging it by 1 single vote!!

So without further ado, massive congratulations to @Johnny 99 who is the winner of October POTM with this marvelous snap:


Johnny, your profile avatar will be edited to show off your accolade, the photo will be featured on our Instagram page and will also be entered into the POTY contest!

Thank you to everyone who entered, the quality of photos was brilliant this month and the fact that so many of the entries got at least one vote shows how good they all were!

November's POTM is live and is a Free for All theme!