Uprating brakes ??? Best for track days


Had first track day at weekend and I was hard on breaks and felt uncomfortable with them at times when used heavily as was fading.. massive confidence knock....

Can anyone advise on disc/pads and fluid suitable for heavy usage on track days


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Brembo HC discs combined with an uprated pad at the front is usually sufficient. I’ve tried ds2500(don’t recommend) ds1.11(very good but high dust levels) and currently have Winmax W5. These are at least as good as ds1.11 but don’t produce as much dust. However can squeal a bit at low speeds.
There are loads out there and some people will have their own preferences I’m sure. CL6 or PBS are decent alternatives.

Fluid wise I’d go Motul RBF660.
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Echo what Bens said, I’ve got Brembo HC discs with PFC z rated pads with motul 660 fluid and it’s a good set up, however when the pads are shot I’ll be looking into winmax w5 or CL6


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I have HC brembo discs and PBS pads. I use the car for sprints, so not on track for a long time. But the setup feels really good. I havent noticed any fading. I also have braided lines up front and some sort of dot 4 fluid. (not a big brand)

Thats my first experience with a "track" pad, so can't compare but feels good!


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Yep agree with the above, you have to spend the money on pads, I've tried brembo, pagid but DS1.11 are the ones.
Also drove a 197 with PBS pads and really impressed.

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