Toyota Yaris gearbox question

Just a quick question/sense check.

My sister has a 100,000 mile 05 Toyota Yaris 1.3 which is developing gear selecting issues. In her words:

Anyone know about gearboxes :-( My reverse has been playing up (not engaging) for a couple of days and now my 2nd is not engaging either - just had to limp my car back home after valiently trying to get to work. I Guess the prognosis is a new gearbox sadly *eeek* ££££
I'm thinking it needs a new box or rebuild, but is it worth it on this mileage car that costs around £3k second hand (£3800 for the best example). And does anyone know any good reliable garages around the Leicester/Coventry area.

Any ideas at all would be appreciated!


"the new red baron"
round your area there should be a few places that specialise in re-con gearboxes - they can supply and fit for good prices also worth putting in a new clutch as well!!!

autotrader used to be a good source of places like that
Thanks Si,

She found a local garage who gave her some guff about her being too heavy handed and bending brackets??? Still, he only charged £40, so we'll see I guess.