Touchscreen radio/sat nav upgrade??

Discussion in 'Interior and Audio' started by Dan-88, Jan 10, 2019.

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    I’m looking at upgrading my factory stereo setup to some kind of touch screen setup. Has anyone done this? Need advice/option ideas? These photos are what I’ve already seen online and I’m thinking of doing the one that’s on top of the dash where the time/temp screen sits.

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    Clio 197
    Quite a few possibilities when it comes to ICE. As you've seen, the centre console can be modified to fit a double din unit, you could also install a single din unit which has a screen that slides out.

    If you want something different, you could also install a tablet in the OEM satnav housing. I had a tray 3D printed which would hold a LG G3. You could even install a car PC using a raspberry pi and a touch screen if you really wanted to.

    I think the easiest/most straightforward option would be a single din with a slide out screen like this.
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