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I've been eyeing up the koni sport dampers...they're adjustable so you can soften them up for road use or stiffen them up for track. You don't need to remove them to adjust them which is handy. You can buy them as a kit with H&R springs which give a nice drop. I don't think many people run them but Matt Scarbro seemed to rate them:

Best price I've found for just the dampers is £525. Imagine the kit with the springs will be £650ish.

I had B14's on my old 172 cup and really liked them, nice bit of kit. Don't think I'd want them again for a daily although I don't think they were much harsher than the standard cup sus.
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Hi guys
Just wondering for future mods if people would recommend getting 197 cup shocks and lowered springs?

I have a non cup 197 and was thinking coilovers (b14) but honestly won't be tracking the car much at all and do mountain roads more, and wanted people's thoughts for daily set up?

I found these but know no one has really tried them.

Cheers for any help
I've recently switched to B14 from cup suspension. Ride is more compliant and comfortable on bumps and body roll is still very well controlled when pushing it. I haven't been on track with this setup yet but was superb on mountain roads in Scotland a couple of days ago. Overall I'm very impressed how well they're damped, perfectly suits a daily car in my opinion. Ride with cup suspension was much harsher / crashier (possibly because of their age as well) and wasn't any better around bends. B14's could be a little too soft if you were to track the car very often but as a daily / occasional track day, they're great.

The advantage of Koni is damping adjustability; You can go much harder on track and softer on the road. I have seen them working great with Eibach Pro kit springs on other cars. Before getting B14's, I was planning to get Koni + Prokit setup on my car as well but found out they weren't compatible with 200 cup suspension.

Lots of info in this thread BTW:
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