stereo display


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I wish to change my display to one that has the sat nav display as well is this a straight swap or does it need extra wires etc.


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Two ways of looking about this get an Active charging phone mount with Bluetooth you can use your phone it will charge and you have google maps with traffic or TomTom with the same. I personally pulled a satnav kit display, looms, aerial, stereo and clocks from a 2011 Clio Diesel which would be a Clio 200. It's for sale on eBay from Temple Auto Salvage I could speak to them about price don't start messaging through eBay if it sells and if eBay does not see the sale they take action against the seller. I removed everything I thought I would need screws and all

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I use a Brodit active cradle with moveable sides that can take the phone with a protection case fitted so straight from your pocket to the holder the phone is always charged never have to charge at home. Its held to the bracket with 3M grip lock and when I'm away racing I have grip lock on the van the cradle attaches with grip lock to the van dash for heading up and down the UK. The downside is if someone rings when your in the middle of looking for a turn off or difficult area with lots of instructions can be a pain in the ass.