steering wheel spacer?

Hallo guys I,m looking for a steering spacer for my Clio 3 rs,
(For the original steer)
I hear that there is a guy on this forum how sell this..
Is it available?
( sorry for my bad English, I'm from Holland)

Thank you
as many of you kindly ask me if I still make the steering wheel spacers, I confirm I do :smile:
Clio 2 and 3.
Twingo 2 and 3.
Megane 2, 3 and 4.
I'm quite sure that the Megane 4 spacer fits the Clio 200T too. But I never had the chance to test one.
I have my own company for this and you can purchase or simply make questions on
There are fitting instructions and installation videos, which you can find on my youtube channel too. Giacomo's youtube channel

Few answers to FAQs I receive:

- the spacer can't be made shorter than the lenght mentionned in the website, which is, average for Renaults, 6 cm. It can be made longer, but not shorter.
but even make longer is not a good idea, it's going to cost a lot and takes long time to have it. Because now I'm a company and production is structured in manufacturing parts in series. Anything off series is very time consuming.
-normally the spacers are sold matt black. 99% of customers want it matt black, They can be painted in your car's colour, alcantara wrapped, carbon wrapped or any sort of fantasy comes in your mind. You can buy matt black and cover it as per your ideas. Any option made here, has a cost and an extended delivery time.
- I no longer offer Renault Sport or any other official logo laser imprint, because of copyright.
- Usually people pay me via paypal, but also bank transfer is accepted. If you buy on the website I'll immediately have the order and the payment via email and smartphone notification. If the item is ready in stock, I ship in the incoming days, Usually no longer than 3 days.
- We ship worldwide from Italy. So, Australia, Hawaii, Greenland, South Africa... no problem, ok?
- the same spacer fits both LHD and RHD cars
- extending the wires:
Clio 2: mandatory for the Airbag wires and a true PITA, being the airbag wires flat and wide and with a sort of coat. I think you better turn the warning light off, because the airbags are no longer guaranteed after 10/15 years.
Clio 3: mandatory for the airbag wires, very easy to do. Standard wires
Megane 3: No need to extend any wire
Megane 4: No need to extend the 15 cm long airbag wires, need to extend the steering wheel buttons wires. Easy but time consuming because they are up to 10 wires

Because I'm focused on designing, managing the production, trying to find new resellers, shipping and packaging, and we are just 2 people working, I'm a bit far from the forum's world, and passing the month (years) it may happen that I no longer receive notifications of PMs and answers to my threads, or even if I got them it takes tome to answer to. So I write this to make people know that if I don't answer here, please contact me via our website, or on Facebook at Daily Driver Motorsport page.

Thanks you all!