Steering Rack Options which way to go?


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MOT time checking all round the car thinking everything should be good went to the front wheels grabbed them at the 9 - 3 O'clock position with a push and pull and found travel and a knock. The track rod ends and inner track rods changed in late 2016 and can't find obvious play in them as the rack seems to have play. I bought the inner and outer track rods thinking lets go the cheaper root, because it can't possibly be the rack but starting into it pulling the inner tie rod boot off the tie rod has no play and it's the racks shaft that's moving also checking the steering universal joint inside I stopped and said to myself it's "Rack Time".
Now besides thinking what am I going to do with an extra set of tie rods as new racks come with them fitted, and the dam subframe will have to come off to sort this plus I have little time until the test I went ahead and ordered a new genuine non cup rack but I would like to know if it helps others what are the options as far a racks go.

Looking up Dialogys got the two (old/new) non cup 197 Rack part numbers
8200440490 or 8200822946 the second number is what I ordered as I did not care for the cup rack I test drove in an R27 when I still had the 172.

The rack fitted to the car at the moment on the casting has the number 7955501010 which seems to be from Mk2 Megane's / Kangoo / Scenic.

So can anyone shine some light on the steering racks availability with regards reconditioned ones and are standard Mk3 Clio racks the same just having different track rod arrangements giving them different part numbers with the impression they are not compatible.


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I had already bought a bush from them back in 2016/17 for the last inner track rod end change, I think mine is down to being "too long new" the bushes have no play in them it must be down to the wear on the gearing inside I have just had a look with the new one and the casting has the same part number. Has anyone had any luck getting a remanufactured rack there seems to be adjustment in the rack and article that was originally in Russian but should auto translate to give you an idea.
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Ahhh yeah if you've done the bush then it might be some internal damage, maybe from bush failing before?