SteC pipework, intercooler and intake

John Gordon

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I've seen this name come up a few times on the forum and I've read that the intercooler is more efficient than for example the Airtec one's (and cheaper?)

How do I order them or get details? I've searched Google and I can't find anything.

The pipework is oversized and completely unnecessary, the intercooler is an ebay direnza item which you could buy for around £90 but for some reason he charged £600 for the kit. He was a cowboy who thankfully has long gone out of business.
He built the yellow 250-engined 197 on here which now belongs to @youngarthur and it's taken Arthur a while to fix all the shoddy workmanship.
I suffered heat issues in my meglio
Went for their rad
Absolutely perfect and never moves over half way on temp gauge and that’s including under heavy work outs
If your after anything airtec drop me a message as I can supply all their products [emoji41]

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