spacesaver for 197


"the new red baron"
is the spacesaver lighter than an alloy?

whats the best tyre to get for it? i've read a bit of conflicting information in this thread, im placing a big order with Renault soon & might aswell get my spare wheel sorted at the same time, try & get a good deal on it all....

otherwise full size wheel from breakers...

its not too heavy - and the dished side is useful for storing stuff in

as for "advice" mine was direct from the ruk website and dealer supplied

like a lot of things in life you can choose to follow it or find an alternative - which there are in here


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cheers, im looking forward to having it all sorted & having a spare wheel for the inevitable puncture... i've seen so many cars around recently with their space savers on, its like im being warned to sort it soon or else!


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For reference, and for anyone else interested in this, I've now got the wheel and jack, the correct jack to fit the gap in the boot on the 200 with a cup chassis is 8200386374.

... now just need a tyre!
whats the price of this jack & where do you fit it in your boot?

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I like the look of the net that foxspeed has aswell, whenever i open my boot all my car cleaning stuff is thrown about everywhere i dont know why i even bother putting it back neatly each time


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I have one of these spacesavers for sale, used once while i was having a wheel refurb done, incase anyone is intersted now or in the future :wink:

Word of warning to anyone that uses the space saver, don't drive like your on your standard wheels! i kept forgetting i had a spacesaver on the n/s/r & eventually lost the back end on that side ;/

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I've been reading up on this thread a few times thinking the best way to deal with a spare. I asked Karl to get me some prices for the steel and I was then looking at prices for the tyre. All came back pretty much what has been quoted here, around the £130 mark. I've also been on eBay seeing what spare wheels are listed there. After trying for a few weeks, I looked lastnight and came across a company selling full size spares (including a tyre) for around £150!!! Here's the link...

The tyre coming with the alloy is an asymmetric Conti with about 5/6mm tread so no worrying about what corner it'll need to go on.

I've already got one on the way. Looks like they have a limited stock so if you are interested, get in fast :smile:
Still got some on ebay,think ill get 1 for £150 as not much dearer than the space saver and ill have an actual spare wheel incase.Is the normal jack for a MK3 Clio o.k.
I got fed-up of driving around with the paranoia of an unfoamable puncture, so I went with this solution for my 200 Cup. Espace spacesaver rim and Continental Van tyre. It fits nicely in the boot between the seats and the rear of the boot, so it won't move fore and aft. I'm still thinking of a way to stop it moving side to side as it isn't wedged tight, although it is quite heavy. I've also tried the spacesaver on the front driver's side and it works fine.

Two 5 year old tins of tyre foam for sale :smile:


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What you need to look for is a RENAULT VEL SATIS the spare is kept inside the car (good condition) and should have a 185/60/17 tyre which will work on a standard 197/200 suspension unsure about lowered Clio's, but if you want the size right 175/55/17 tyre I think it is a lotus Elise /vx220 tyre. Renault Espace spares are the same but stored under the car so not in as good condition 5.5/17 et45