Sold the 265 Trophy :( replacement inside

So after only 18 months I've already parted with my 265 Trophy. I absolutely loved this car from start to finish, it was faultless and fantastic in every way. My last memories of it are at a waterlogged Bedford autodrome trackday where it was unstoppable. Only reason I sold was because my dream car finally tempted me over.

Anyway how she stood the day I sold her:

And the replacement:



Evo 9 FQ360 by HKS edition, pretty much mint just needs a few little things tidied up to get it upto my standards and hopefully an uprated intercooler, downpipe and remap should see me to 400bhp all before next season.

I also sold my 172 ph1 so I currently don't own any RenaultSports for the first time in years :worried: although the mrs still has the 225. One day I'd love to jump back into a 197 as a daily when they're a little cheaper.
The amount of 197s I've seen on eBay for sub 4k is rediculous now :O

I was expecting to open this thread and reply with a noooooo how could you comment but, this is a great upgrade, I'm very jealous!
very nice bud, look very good condition, well worth joining mlr forum, lots good parts come up for sale on there, Ross sports, carbon goodies , indigo gt, all good traders on there, my 6 is for sale if you want add another ........


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It looks nice, but I've never been much of that type of car fan. But if its your dream car, how could you turn it down :thumbsup:
Looks brilliant Ben and its got decent wheels on it too, I hate the chunk 5 spoke speediness (i think thats what they are anyway) on some 360's.

I'd try and keep it totally standard right enough.


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Very nice! Good step up from the Meg, hope you enjoy it.

At first glance I thought it was going to be a VI Tommi Makinen Edition, which is one of my dream garage cars! I'm still jealous though...:wink:
how are you finding the evo? I'm looking at a few now, seems a weird marketplace prices are all so different and the variations in models is quite hard to follow.
Thanks for all the comments guys.

comparing it to the megane they're two completely different leagues. The megane I could happily use everyday and still thrash it around a track at the weekend, whilst being relatively maintenance low and reasonable running costs.

Everything about the Evo feels like it's built for one purpose from the ground up, speed! It's an insanely fast car, quicker than any car ever should be for road use I'm seriously amazed they're allowed to build them this fast. But having said that it comes
at a price, 8mpg on boost, 4000 mile service intervals and that's not only engine oil but gearbox/diffs/transfer box all taking fully synthetic oil. Replacement parts like brakes and suspension arms are astronomical too.


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Good luck with the temptation to modify you'll need deep pockets if you don't lol, but great cars though. I had a 9 MR RS that I sold about a year ago, spent an absolute fortune on it.
did you get the underside checked for rust etc before buying as they can rust surprisingly quickly if not looked after properly