Social media picture thread

The banner for the 10th anniversary of our "R.S. Days" meeting held at the end of July this year.


"1000 Guests, 700 Renaults, 30 magnificent days"
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Anyone have Jimmy's contact details so I can get the login details of the Instagram page? Failing that I'd be happy to set up a new page, might encourage companies to give discount codes etc to members.
Thoughts welcome.
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Some shots of two Sport Auto Editions and two Ange & Démons at the lake promenade in Aix les Bains, France. The A&Ds belong to a gentleman and his daughter who we met at the meeting and are now befriended with. Was a great get together.





First photo from left to right: SAE #93, SAE #19, A&D #246 and A&D #079.