Social media picture thread


Bad cop
This thread is purely dedicated to pictures that you guys would like to see on the official forum Instagram and/or Facebook pages.

Feel free to submit pictures here, they will be used purely on a discretion basis, so if your picture doesn't make it onto social media don't be disheartened, and feel free to try again! It will help if your pictures are original and good quality.

By posting your pictures here you are agreeing that you are happy for them to be posted to social media outlets!

Post away!


Good cop
Thanks for all the submissions so far, please keep them coming.

Also, please don't forget to include your Instagram username so you can be tagged into the IG photos when they are posted!

A reminder that our page is @clio197dotnet - tag us into your photos too, so we can Like and Follow! We currently have 501 followers - let's get that increased :smile:
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