RST supercharger

Cheers Callum

Iv wanted more power from my clio for some time but not a fan of the megged clio and I love the sound of na. Throttle bodies would have been nice but not enough gain per £ spend.

I’ve spoken to pretty much everyone I could with regards to supercharging the clio.

Jamsport sell a kit but only drive in and out service they offer and I personally wouldn’t have them work on a wheel barrow.

Rst made a kit (Steve’s kit now Callum has it) they got the bracket from ktec as a 1 off and won’t be doing anymore.

Ktec made a kit but won’t sell one to anyone.

The uk supplier of rotrex chargers make the bracket for ktec but won’t sell one to anyonne but them.

Abit of a catch 22. After months of bugging people and people letting me down I decided to crack on and make my own kit.

Iv had a charger 3D printed for mock up etc View attachment 124516

Just at the point where I’m having my bracket 3D printed to make sure it all works then can get machined up properly.
Car will be going to pro alloy to make me a custom intercooler and oil cooler and some other bits.
Il be making 4 custom kits to sell (if the demand is there)

Iv got 2 people who are wanting a kit and soon as the brackets are ready il be taking deposits.
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A big mess that bracket situation.

I don't have the money for this yet nor have I definitely decided to go ahead with it, I was just asking out of curiosity. But I hope it works out for you!

You don't plan on selling the bracket as a standalone item?