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  1. Liam Gunby

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    Nr Loughborough
    clio 197 2008
    Rentune, Leicestershire.

    So my experience with these guys.
    To be completely truthful they are brilliant.

    Summer time 2018 i took my car to them for Cambelt, Dephasor, Aux Belt, WaterPump ect.
    The full kit i got from RPD when it was discounted.
    They were reasonably priced (Cheaper than my friends garage) and only had the car for a long weekend.
    Got the car back and was informed of a few other issues the Clio may soon enough.

    Fast forward to Oct 18 and i have issues with my Clutch and or Gearbox. After looking into it my self again Rentune came back as the cheaper option for the work.
    They took the Clio from me and looked at the issue.
    My clutch was battered. plus the gearbox was also leaking.

    I ended up having the clutch, slave, a recon gearbox fitted for just less than £800.

    After i took the car back there was a noise coming from the box area. I was told by a independent garage there was something wrong with the box.
    So after some discussion, the Rentune lads took the car back for me.
    To keep me happy and just to make sure there wasn't any issues they replaced the whole lot for me again!

    They didn't have to do this if they didn't find any issues, but they did anyway. I cant fault them in anyway what so ever!

    These lads work on Renaults all day everyday and they are very good!

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    ford mustang shadow gt v8
    great to hear

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