Renaultspeed Farnborough Hampshire / Surrey

Recently had my car serviced by these guys (Both ex Renault) did a really good job and they discovered that both my front springs were snapped (missed on a MOTed !! two weeks earlier by the previous owner)
and the cost including spark plugs, oil and filter, air con clean, and re-gas and diagnostic was only 240 including vat.

Went with KTEC Racing (see review) for the springs as i got 4 eibachs fitted for the same price as two Renault springs.
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I was just doing a search for trusty garages near me, and although I'd prefer closer (somewhere nearer Twickenham pls!) I got these guys to change my timing belt, dephaser, waterpump, do all the fluids and give the thing a service. They certainly knew what they were talking about and quoted decent prices too - would definitely recommend. The whole lot came in at £900, with the parts being the most expensive bit (think labour was around the £300 mark) obviously the taxman gets 20% of those figures. Wish they were closer or they worked on weekends.
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