Renault clio 197 F1 team from Slovenia

Hi, my name is Primož and I come from Slovenia:smile:
I own 197 F1 team with a little over 100k km... I bought the car completely stock. On the first engine the rod came to visit me, I think the problem was to much RPM (cams) and conrod OEM bolts because the bolts stretched a lot on the blown cilinder...I will put some pictures If someone have similar problem. I bought spare engine from Clio 200.In two years I manage to upgrade it to this spec:
-Clio R3 access intake cam
-Bilsteine B14
-braided brake lines
-removing middle silencer
-Toyosport exhaust manifold
-Powerflex handling pack
-Short shifter
-OMP steering wheel
-Camber plates front and rear
-8J speedline wheels
-Battery relocated to the back
-Zero point one shifter
-Nankang NS2-R semi slick tyres
Next update:
Custom made intake with BMC CDA large filter, new oil pump, ACL big end bearings, ARP conrod bolts, mapping, new exhaust (recommendations?), brake disc and pads, half cage.
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Yesterday I manage to install second hand Toyosport decat exhaust, the sound is great, maybe a little to loud because I dont have catalytic converter on... :smile: I just need to find 200cel cat because of MOT and I think its gonna sound nice :smiley:

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After a long time some updates on my car :smiley:
-ARP conrod bolts
-New genuine big end bearings
- Two independent brake reservoirs
- Lightweight crank pulley from @Raptor6767
-Stripped interior
-Rear strut bar
-Ultra racing rear anti roll bar
-Ported and matched intake manifold with some gold wrap (it is only cosmetic:sweatsmile:)
-PBS protrack brake pads and new Brembo HC rotors

Next on the list:
-New engine mount and gearbox mount with powerflex bushes
-Front powerflex antiroll bar bushes and rear powerflex beam axle bushes
- Zero point one or CAE shifter?!:tonguewink:
- Mapping on the dyno
-Oil catch can
-Some quality oil pressure and temperature gauge



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Some new parts arrive :tonguewink:
-JP half cage
-Val racing LSD
-New gearbox bearings
-Strongflex anti roll bar bushes
-New engine and gearbox mounts with powerflex bushes