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Hi recent owner of this cup pack with full leather.
In the two months I have owned it I have been busy with the super helpful how to section on here (big thanks to all the contributors in that section)

so far it's had a full service, brake and clutch fluids, unseize wiper mech and unblock scuttle drains, fix horns, fix none cancelling indicators, air con regas, map sensor bracket (motor cnc) all micro switches in handles replaced and handles painted, repainted dash trims and center console, seat belt clean, new front carpet and mats, fixed wiring in multi plug under passenger carpet, fix alarm, windscreen chip done, painted mirrors, remove vinyl from door pillars, rejuvenate nose grilles with miniature blowtorch, valet inside and out to the best of my abilities. New anti rotation link, four wheel alignment.

Its been a love hate thing so far, I see it sitting there and really want to shift it on and get my money back! And then I get it out for a bit of fun and I truly think its the dogs nuts and completely change my mind about selling it.
Its never a car I knew existed or wanted until I drove a lads at work and was absolutely amazed with the handling/chassis

Next On the list is refurbished the alloys and some decent tyres, unless something else breaks before that and eats up those funds!
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If you get some good tyres the car will come alive. More grip equals more fun.

You have done a lot of the hard work already so keep on going.
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Yep I know that feeling of “I’ll move it on” then do the very worst thing by taking it for what I think will be a last drive - fatal! I must have told myself that at least 10 times within 5 years of ownership.
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