Rear calipers

Just took my car to the garage for a once over and got told my rear calipers are shaged and I need a new yet,

Has anyone els had this problem?
Mine have been doing that as well. I'm going to strip them down this weekend. I've done it before, it's a pretty simple job.
Mine were dragging at 18months old.

Always did the fronts every 6months but totally forgot about doing the rears.

An hour stripping them, cleaning, greasing and reassembling and they are back to normal
No. Mainly the crap that builds up on the surface the pads slide on. Its that that causes problems not the pistons themselves.


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When 'stripping' them are you removing the seals and piston?
Unlikely, just unbolting, remove pads, wind the piston in (to ensure it's free moving) clean and put back together.

I wouldn't be taking my car back to that garage again if I were you. Without stripping and checking they cannot say you need new calipers. Sounds like they are having you on mate.


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unless they are leaking brake fluid then they should within reason be ok and probably as said in need of a service/strip/clean/rebuild

only issues if they are "broken" is the piston wind back in or wont adjust out once wound back in

whilst the calipers are off - make sure the handbrake cables are free and adjusted correctly ie adjusted after the calipers have auto-adjusted :thumbup1: