ProTrack One alloys


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Hey everyone!

I was considering to buy these alloys (clio 197) but I can't find any owner's reviews here or when I google.
Was wondering if any of you have any input on those?

Here are some googled pics:



Specs is 7.5x17, ET45, 5x108
On site they claim 7.4 to 7.7kg per rim.
223 Euro per rim

I contacted them to ask for specific weight of the above spec wheel, they sent me a photo showing it weights 7.520 kg.


Not sure wether to trust these. I also have no idea/reviews on quality.

Also Ultraleggeras (8x17, ET55, 5x108) are claimed 7.75 kg per corner, on my weight it shows 7.7kg (only 1 decimal display), but on friend's device it measured 7.9 kg, so all good.

This seems to be good ones for the price and I love the looks of them.

Any input appreciated!
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Can't say anything about them except telling you the weights and prices provided in our forum shop.

7.5 x 17 ET45 (7,5Kg) - 218€
9.0 x 18 ET49 (9,0Kg) - 268€

But if they get used in VLN races they can't be that bad actually.
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