1. FishFart

    ProTrack One alloys

    Hey everyone! I was considering to buy these alloys (clio 197) but I can't find any owner's reviews here or when I google. Was wondering if any of you have any input on those? Here...
  2. T

    R26 Wheels are they all the same.

    I got a set of R26 wheels for the 197 Clio used, and had done a bit of research and thought they were 18 x 7.5 with an ET of 60. The set I have bought are 18 x 8 ET68 they came with 235/40 18 tyres and I was going to run them on 225/40 18 tyres. I have had them on the car to test for a few days...
  3. dmur197

    Bola b1

    Hi, I was looking at alloys for a 197 and sort of fancied some bola b1's. The ones on eBay are 17", 7.5 wide, offset 40 and 5x108 would these fit/fit well? Thanks
  4. Matt197

    This is what you get for £260

    I feel very sick today, just got my alloys back from Lepsons in Kent and the first thing I noticed once I unwrapped one of them was the centre cap was sitting way back in the alloy and not flush with the face like before they were sent. They also would not budge, like they had been stuck in...