Poor power after remap, VVT operation in aftermarket ECU.


I have a slightly tuned clio 197 with a aftermarket ECU.

  • Acess intake cam (properly timed with special timing tool)
  • Gr. N exhaust with full decat on the manifold
  • itg air filter with airbox
On the dyno the car is making 177 BHP engine power:



We didn't do any dyno testing before to have some comparison, but I think the numbers are a bit low.

The VVT now operates in "on" "off" mode, from one extreme position to another. Does anyone have expirience how it should operate based on rpm, or some other parameter, especially on the ACESS cam ? How does this graph look to you ?

Thanks for your help...
Thanks, this is a really a great help ! Do you have anything in the other CAM angle folders or is this all ? This is for stock clio 197 cams ? Thank you again very much.