Passenger door break in

Woke up yesterday to find someone has tried to crow-bar open the passenger door open and left lots of damage to the door panel and the roof! This has never happened to me before and I'm unsure what to do about it :worried:
is my only option to get this sorted myself, if ️so does anyone know of anyone in the repair/spraying business in the north east that could help me out? Any help would be massively appreciated.
cstupid s****.... I hate people like this. Why didn't they just go for the damned window? Might have been cheaper for you ...
I know mate, it's not like they could even drive it away without the key, I think it must of been daft kids tbh to not even have the strength to bend the door! Definitely would have been if it were a window, or two even!
To repair and paint the roof + door top + the top of the rear wing would be about £350
That's a good price mate thanks! I'll give you a pm about it, Unfortunatly this month iv just had to pay for new manifold also as the flexis went, not having much luck atm!


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Call the police (or call into you local station), give a statement and get a crime reference number. Then apply to the compensation agency (or that's what they are called here in Northern Ireland anyway) as a victim of crime. You might be entitled to compensation. I say might as they have a whole host of rules for awarding any.