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  • Hahaha ... I get bullied for my stickers :worried: LOL ... I love his car although I still think I would beat it in a race :tongueout:
    Ummm ... I didnt have a full system I had a back box? and then the bits going back and tips HAHA ... I wish I was a techy person but I have nooooo idea :smiley: He just said he could make it louder if required :tongueout:
    Oh goshhh I am soooo tired today! In need of a redbull! You working today?
    Haha ... I am not a stalker :tongueout: I admit to being nosey and have a peep but that is all :smiley: x
    Awww Adammmm :smiley: I get on so well with him :smiley: he's so funny even if he bullies me about my car :'( lol
    Ahhh it didnt rain thattttt much ... just a smidge around lunch time when I thought excellent I have two brollies in my car ... buttttt I am no where near my car so had to run (probs not very lady like) across the pit lane lol!
    I had them fitted Friday ... to be honest, they arent that loud :worried: I can take them back to get something taken out? to make them louder? dont know whatttt .... he just said he could!
    Ahhh see I had a frostie bar for brekkie at 4am this morning whilst yawning :tongueout:
    I saw no alien greens up there today :worried:
    Well YOU told me your fb name ... stalkier :wink: x
    Russellll ... Where were you?! :O I am mad at you now :tongueout:
    It was a good day although I did get soaked watching the cars on track lol! I take it the lie in was more tempting? lol
    Nooo I dont promo ... I did it once last year at Trax and didnt really like it so havent done it since! I am not a confident person and I definitely dont rate myself so I felt out of place! Have you been facebook stalking mister?! LOL
    Your friends with SC too :O
    Hope you had a good weekend :smile: x
    There's no maybeeeee about it :tongueout: Have a lie in then come to FCS :tongueout: These are the rulesss
    Ummm it only takes me about half hour to get to work, i go through houghton, sundon and streatley then on to the A6 so it isnt so bad :smile:
    Hahahaha :tongueout: see at the one near sainsburys they give you an air freshener every time so nurrrrr :smiley:
    My hamster just ate the cress I was growing from my happy meal the other day :'( should have kept an eye on him lol!
    Hahaha ... I don't wash my car myself ... there are these guys, chuck them a fiver and they are on it like wallace and gromit :smile: AND you get a new air freshener ... everyones a winner :smile:
    I work in Silsoe near Bedford so not tooooo far to drive :smile: its a nice area too so I like it :smile:
    Nooooeeee not paying for my degree but I signed a contract to stay at my job for 4 years so they arent wasting their money :smile:
    Come on Sundayyyyyy ... you have too! I will be on the stand nowwwwww :smiley: x
    Awww Okay ... Well I might be around Saturday afty .... will have to clean my car at some point :wink: do you work local?
    Ohhh I have only tinted my windows and put HID's in then the exhaust then I will lower slightly but all in good time :wink: haha and when I have pennies :wink:
    What are you going to do?
    Its not an exciting degree, only to be a payroll manager, my work put me on the degree but I plan on sleeping with my eyes open on the Sunday :tongueout: Hehe
    Yessss FB workeddd :smiley: You were there one min then went the next :O But my FB has been playing up all dayyy!x
    Hahahaha mankini ... as you doooo :O LOL
    Well I will be in Hatfield Saturday till 1 doing my tutorial for my degree (on a SATURDAYYYYY!!! lol) but I will be cruising the mean streets of Dunstable after :wink:
    Nooo I'm not on the stand ... I have asked though as I was just going in a friends car but he has 180 mins on track and then racing all afternoon too so I would have been lonely so I am driving now with my friend Faith :smile:
    I'm getting a powerflow exhaust system :smile: for a little more noise but not tooooo much :smile:
    Oh Rubbishhhh ... I am sad I haven't seen the green :worried: I just had to have a longgggg think about where I was Saturday and I was in St Albans booking my Albi in for its new exhaust :smiley:
    Are you going to FCS on Sunday?
    Have you got FB?
    ok bout 1 hour 50 mins from me, if i came and picked it up will it fit in the car to take home or is it to big/awkward to fit??
    hello mate might be interested in the cage you got for sale if it still is for sale?? just wondered where abouts you are to come and collect it if i did buy it? cheers dan
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