Pad Life on Track Days


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I know this a variable on a lot of things but on average; how many track days are people getting from a set of front pads?

Daft question time for those that have run multiple pads. Have you noticed a longer life from a more expensive pad? I.e I am currently running PBS Pro Race and they currently look like they have a trackday left in them. Is it worth jumping over to a ferrodo pad for them to last longer?

The pads have survived:

Cadwell - wet day
Blyton - Banzai dry day
14 laps at the ring - 9 min btg pace
Croft - dry day
PBS ProRace I would get 4-5 on average, so far my EBC RPX have done 5 I think and probably have another couple in them. But you're right, it'll vary hugely across different users, tracks etc...
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You really get what you pay for in a pad.

Mintex F2R were my choice on the Clio. DS1.11 were definitely better but I used to get terrible pad deposits on wet days and I couldn’t be doing with it. You’ll easily get double the days out of them compared to PBS.

I’ve got Winmax in the Megane which are also hard wearing but pretty expensive.

IMO. Spend your money. Do it right instead of going for the cheap option. That being said, absolutely don’t get drawn into splashing money on fancy discs. The plain Brembos are by far the best.
We put in a set of DS1.11s in February last year and did Brnds Hatch, Cadwell Park, Thruxton, Donington Park, Brands Hatch, Outlton Park and Snetteron and they are still going strong. We will need to replace them this year after a few track days.
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Plain discs and DS UNO were my preference after trying a multitude of pads. That was in a 375hp Clio as well!
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I suggest running PBS Protrack pads front and rear, better wearing than the Prorace and not a huge different in performance.