Brake discs and pads recommendations

I run Brembo HC discs and PBS ProRace pads on front, OEM (SNR discs) and brembo rear pads, it's great value for money and has taken some abuse
I run Godspeed G Hook on track, they've been great so far:

I have got Megane mk2 drilled discs front and back on my Clio with Ferodo DS2500 pads front and back. I only got the discs because I liked the look of drilled discs otherwise I would have gone with Brembo HC discs. The pads were chosen as fast road pads and they may get swapped out for something more aggressive for the track in the future.

IMG_0051 (1).jpeg
Every hot hatch I have have owned I stick with Brembo performance or Powerslot with Ferodo DS performance. For the street these are the best because of better initial braking power compared to DS2500 which requires warming up 2-3 times deep brake) but will resist fading a bit better under heavy use. Note in some countries DS2500 and up are not road legal. DOT5.1 for track, on the street I just use DOT4 replace every year. Ferodo wears fast and produce a lot of dust,
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