New 197 Owner - What brake pads and discs?


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Hi, just bought a 197 for some fun to dabble with some track days.
First one is booked early July so wanted to put new pads and discs on before then. What are peoples recommendations for track day use?

It's not my daily but will be driven to and from any trackdays.
Brembo HC discs are fine for road and track or can get Godspeed J hook ones for decent money.

As for pads, pfc Z rated or PBS are popular for the fronts with ds2500 for the rears.. that’s for a standard ish car.. for serious pads yours looking at dsUNO or CL6
In my experience Brembo HC discs with DS2500 fronts and stock for the rear is adequate for fast road / occasional track use.

DS1.11 front and DS2500 rear combo was amazing but probably a bit too much unless you do many track days (i don't).

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