Nimbus 197 project thread

Hi guys, this is back-dated around two years from when i first got the car - i also have a project thread going on detailing world

My first dip into french car ownership and its been good so far (did 160 ish miles yesterday).

This will be a slow project as the car is my daily driver too. Its more cosmetic bits that need doing tbh but we'll see how it goes :smile:

Service completed yesterday, it would appear that the rear crankshaft oil seal is weeping slightly and the clutch is past its best so they are next on the list, before brakes..

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Alright Kev. Took your time joining the worlds greatest Clio forum! Some nice pics. Keep em coming:thumb:
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Now we have some half decent weather, i finally got round to scotch guarding and putting the new mats in the car that i got for xmas, and gave the car a much needed wash and arch flush-out yesterday after the salty roads we had recently..

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No pics yet but ive ordered a pair of refreshed brembo calipers and braided hose kit all in red, brembo high carbon discs and mintex M1144 pads today :smile:

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