new here

hi im new here. i have a 2016 clio rs 200t. been looking for advice on certain parts for it. its a cup chassis with the 18s and red calipers but sits very low at the rear compared to front so not sure if rear is sagging or if its maybe had wrong springs fitted on front.

so far i have fitted larger alloy radiator. centre silencer delete as lucky mine is euro 6 so no second cat. and have wider tyres fitted that are ps4s.

does anyone know if the euro 6 200t has same turbo as the trophy?


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I’d try and find a 200T at a dealership to see if they all are lower at the back than front.

The 206 GTI180 was the same where the back almost looked collapsed but it left the factory like that.
ive struggled to find any near me to compare with. waiting for my renault parts to open so i can check my numbers are right and its hard to tell off pictures if mine is same as others or just really low on rear. when i put my gear in for my week in my lorry its goes even lower nearly on bump stops and i only take my weeks food and 3 pairs of hi vis joggers and t shirts.
Yea the early 200t cup
Sits low at the back and high at the front
Car is level and it’s a optical illusion because of the bigger front arch gap
I’ve tried lower springs but it just messes up the handling and I put the standard back on.