My M135i

Lovely looking car. Very much a 'Q' car, almost like a grown up Clio in the way the looks don't properly give away the performance.
Thanks all. Performance is blistering. Its the Sport Auto, so 0-60 in about 4.6s (book figures are slightly higher, but tests have proven its faster). MPG isnt too bad. You can relax on the motorway in eco pro mode at 40+mpg. A week ago i took it for a 270 mile blast through the Welsh mountains and valleys (as pictured) and averaged 27mpg over the whole run. Which i think is astonishing.
Wow, great economy! Even being nice to the car the Mrs can't get the Clio above 34mpg on her crawl to work.
Yeah, i get similar MPG figures to my old Clio 200. So for 320bhp and RWD its amazing.

If anyone fancies one, i can put you in touch with a dealer doing fantastic deals, around 18% discount.
For those that are interested, ive added another spec into the list:

3+23, 10k per year, estoril, 3dr man with bus. media, driver comf. pack, ext. storage, smokers pk & heated front seats is £362.83 inc. VAT.
3+23, 10k per year, estoril, 3dr manual with business media & driver comfort pack is £349.02 inc. VAT
3+23, 10k
per year, estoril, 3dr manual with driver comfort pack is £334.62 inc. VAT

Excess mileage is 7.5p per mile inc. VAT, documentation fee is £234 inc. VAT.
Couple more, not sure who the figures are from as he doesnt say.

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